At a glance


  1. Despite the Covid 19 restrictions (start date pushed back to May 2021) and other fundraising challenges (i.e. no Graveyard gate collections for 2020 or 21) our project is now entering the final completion phase on time and in line with budget forecasts.
  2. The quality of the structure with its outstanding stone and roofing finish, along with the stone work done by the side entrance has exceeded our expectations.
  3. We have donations from 79 people amounting to €17,000 with costs for Phases 1 – 4 amounting to €14,000. . All incurred costs are paid and fully up to-date.
  4. At this stage we estimate that the project will be fully completed in line with the original fundraising target of €20,000.
  5. Phase 5 or the final phase involves plastering, timber ceiling, window, floor, seating, surrounds, snagging etc.) to the highest specifications
  6. Any excess funds raised will go towards the completion of the website as per the original plan.
  7. The Committee is greatly indebted to all who have supported the project financially, in kind and the work done by our team of committed volunteers.
  8. This level of support and goodwill is a testimony to the value many people have placed in the project and the work being done on an on-going basis by the Committee.