Opening Balance  in Bank at 01/01/2021 18698.16
Opening Balance Petty Cash at the 01/01/2021 105.00
Donations 2880.00
Kerry Co Co Grant 1500.00
Total Income 23183.16
Alter Shelter – Materials 7253.44
Alter Shelter – labour 6960.00
Website – completion 813.36
Graveyard Maintenance 726.10
Print & Postage 351.20
Bank Charges 57.51
Miscellaneous 105.00
Total Expenditure 16267.11
Surplus of Income over expenditure 6916.05


Represented  by Credit Balance B/F at the 01/01/2022 reconciled to the bank statement of 31/12/2021 6916.05


Income for the last two years has been adversely impacted by Covid 19. As a result there has been no church gate collection at the annual graveyard Masses for 2020 or 2021. This has resulted in a shortfall in income for the two years of approximately €3000. During the same period the cost of building materials have increased by over 20%.

Income received for the alter shelter project over the past two years has exceeded €17500. A sincere thank you to all who contributed to this project to date. This project is on schedule for completion by August 2022 and is expected to come in under the original budget €20,000. Donations can still be made either online via or to any member of the committee.

The committee would also like to sincerely thank all the volunteers who give of their time freely and to those who donated materials for the alter shelter project.