Historical Educational Visits

We invite you and students to walk the grounds of this charming medieval site of Kilnaughtin Church + Graveyard, dating back to 5th/6th Century.


There is a lot more to discover about the Archeology and History of Kilnaughtin, please get in touch with requests of specific areas you are interested in.

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    We welcome all ages to come and learn about our wonderful medieval site. There is something for everyone, from primary to higher education.

    If you are interested in a guided tour, please get in touch to see what can be arranged.


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      “Congratulations on all the work done in creating a most impressive website, and indeed I extend my felicitations to the Kilnaughtin Church & Graveyard Committee for their magnificent work in maintaining this sacred site and for building such an architecturally sensitive and elegant Altar Shelter.”

      Declan M. Downey, LL.M. (Leiden), Ph.D. (Cantab.), Royal Academy of History, Madrid, University College Dublin, School of History.